Destin Pointe Vacation Rentals Terms and Conditions


20 % is due at booking (the “Deposit”). The remaining amount is due 30 days prior to check-in. The full amount of the rent (and the additional amount for the cleaning service and fees) is due if the booking is within 30 days of check-in.  All sales taxes on rent is the responsibility of the Renter.


Cancel within 24 hours of booking = full refund  

Cancel more than 30 days prior to check-in = Loss of Deposit   

Cancel 30 days or less prior to check-in = no refund without trip protection

Falsified Reservations

Any reservations obtained under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all amounts paid in connection with the Rental including the Deposit and all additional amounts, the Rental Term will be terminated immediately upon notice being sent by the Rental Agent to the Renter, and Renter and the Renter’s Guests will not be permitted to check in or continue their stay in the Rental Unit. 

Travel Insurance 

Please click this link: CSA Travel Protection for travel insurance policy or description of coverage for your Covered Trip if you have paid for or authorized payment for the travel insurance. The travel protection, if purchased, provides reimbursement for unused, nonrefundable payments if your trip must be canceled. Covered reasons include: mandatory hurricane evacuations; sickness, injury or death; extension of school year; armed service revocation; involuntary termination of employment or other specific reasons listed in the policy/Description of Coverage. Underwritten by GENERALI US Branch, A Stock Company. For coverage inquiries or customer service call (866)999-4018.  Before electing travel protection by checking the “Add travel protection” box on the Reservation Page, please read the travel insurance agreement which you can access by clicking on the hyperlink at the beginning of this paragraph.

Hurricane Policy

It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance. Hurricanes and tropical storms are typical aspects of Florida life. Cancellations and refunds will only be permitted when local and state government officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order for our exact location, and then only to those who purchased travel insurance. 


Check-In begins at 4 pm Central Standard Time on the first day of the Rental Term. Your electronic door lock code will activate at 4 pm. Given the high volume of rentals and our extensive cleaning checklist, a 4 pm check-in is not guaranteed. We know how excited you are to start your vacation, but for your pleasure and safety, please allow the housekeeping and maintenance staff to finish all cleaning and any repairs before your entry. There are no discounts or refunds will not be offered for late check-in.

Early check-ins are not guaranteed. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the local office for details and rates to request an early check-in. 


Check-out time is at 10 am Central Standard Time on the last day of the Rental Term and the Renter and all Guests must have vacated the Rental Unit with their belonging by that time. No late check-outs are allowed. Electronic door lock codes will expire at 10 am the day of check out. 


The Rental Agent cannot guarantee specific Rental Unit assignments. If we cannot accommodate you in your chosen unit or one, we reasonably deem similar, we will issue a full refund. The Rental Agent is not responsible for the cost difference to upgrade to a more expensive unit if you select one.

Shortened Stays

If the Rental Term is more than 30 days, early termination of the Rental Term is permitted with a pro-rata refund of the rent paid for the Rental if, but only if, the shortening of the Rental Term is after the first 30 days (the minimum stay requirement) of the Rental Term.  No refunds will be made for shortened stays of 30 days or less.

Minimum Stay

All rental properties have a minimum stay of at least three nights. Minimum stays longer than three nights differ by property. 


Rates are subject to change until the Rental Agreement is agreed to by you by checking the Acceptance Box. Rates quoted incorrectly by human or system error may be deemed invalid and not honored. Rates Quoted by local staff of the Rental Agent are valid for 48 hours.  Only the final rates shown on the Reservation Page at the time of your acceptance of the Rental Agreement will be binding on us both.


It Is our goal to provide you with a well-maintained property. In many cases, our properties are booked back-to-back, which gives us little time to perform the necessary tasks before one's arrival. Our properties are inspected upon each Guest's departure to check for damage, inventory, and cleanliness. We cannot guarantee proper working HVAC, electronics, appliances, pools/hot tubs, pool heat, elevators, etc. Please report any maintenance issues upon your arrival, and we use our commercially reasonable best efforts to correct any malfunctions as quickly as we can. 

Age Requirement

Renters must be 25 years or older. No exceptions apply to this rule.

Unattended Children  

Children 14 and under shall not be left unattended without an adult present in the Rental Unit.

Occupancy Rules

All Guests occupying a unit must be listed on the reservation. This includes children. Occupancy rules are set forth by the City of Destin. Homeowner associations and individual owners may lower the legal number of individuals permitted in a home. Please look closely at the occupancy of a unit before booking. Violating occupancy rules may result in early termination of the Rental Term and forfeiting of rent. 

Unit Inspection and Entry

The Rental Agent reserves the right to enter a unit at reasonable times to perform maintenance tasks, perform inspections, and for unit showings upon prior notice, which may be 15 minutes or less. The Rental Agent and those engaged by us may enter the unit without notice when there is reasonable belief of imminent danger or rules and regulations being violated. 

Pet Policy

The Destin Pointe Homeowners Association does not allow pets. Violations may result in early termination of the Rental Term and forfeiting of rent.

Parking Policies

The HOA welcome center will provide parking passes upon entry into the Destin Pointe Community. Each Magnolia House Condominium is permitted two vehicles. Parking at other properties shall be in accordance with the terms of each unique listing and confirmation details on the number of vehicles allowed.  

Golf Carts

Golf Carts are not permitted for use by Guests in the Destin Pointe Community. Golf Cart rentals will be turned away at the gate by security.

RV’s and Campers

RV's and Campers are not permitted in the Destin Pointe Community. There are no circumstances in which an RV or camper will be permitted.

Watercraft Trailers

Watercraft (Boat, Ski, Etc.)  trailers are not permitted in the Destin Pointe Community. There are no circumstances in which a trailer will be permitted. Trailer parking is available at Destin Vacation Boat Rentals ( and other nearby areas.  We have no responsibility for any trailers, boats, RVs or other property parked or stored in such areas.

Non- Smoking

All Destin Pointe Vacation Rentals are non-smoking. Guests who violate this policy will be charged $500 plus any expense of necessary cleaning. Violations may result in early termination of the Rental Term and forfeiting of rent.

Homeowner Association Policies

You agree to follow all homeowner association rules applicable to the Rental Unit. While these are not rules designated by the rental company, we are strictly forced to adhere to all and any regulations set forth by the homeowner association. Please refer to all homeowner association policies provided in your confirmation.  We are happy to direct you to those rules on-line upon your request.


Please call 911 for all emergencies for health or safety concerns.  Please do not call us first when an emergency occurs.

Rental Units and Furnishings

Rental units are privately owned, and the homeowner provides all furnishings and equipment. Units are rented in AS IS CONDITION. We are not able to change furnishings or move the furniture to your liking. A unit's interior design/furnishings are subject to change without notice. No refunds will be provided for these changes. Anything within the Rental Unit at the beginning of the Rental Term must remain in the Rental Unit upon your vacating the Unit at the end of the Rental Term. We appreciate all feedback on the unit and furnishings to provide to the homeowner. 

Trust & Safety Language

As part of our effort to help you relax and enjoy your stay, we have partnered with to provide you with the below protection. The cost of this protection has been included in your rental rate and fees and covers you for accidental damages during your stay in accordance with the terms of the coverage.

The SafelyStay, Inc. Trust and Safety Fee includes up to $10,000 of coverage for accidental contents damage and up to $1,000,000 coverage for accidental property damage and bodily injury. Complete terms regarding the Trust and Safety coverage can be found at  Any deductible or minimum claim amount will be the responsibility of the Renter, but the Rental Agent will assist with the processing of your claim by using the form of Renter’s payment on file and you hereby authorize us to make that charge for the applicable deductible.

Owners Closet

You will often find a locked closet within the home or condo. This area is off-limits to Guests as it holds the homeowner's property. Accessing this area or tampering with the door or lock will result in additional charges to the Renter and possible police reports being filed. 


Many thermostats are preset to not go below 70 degrees. It is imperative that you follow this rule regardless if the thermostat is preset. During Florida's hot and humid summers setting the AC below 70 degrees will cause the system to freeze. When this occurs, we are at the mercy of an HVAC vendor to correct any problems. Additionally, if any exterior doors are left open for a prolonged period, the air conditioning must be turned off. If the vendor finds the issue to be caused by Guest negligence, the Renter will be held responsible for the service fee.

Propane for Grills / Grill Policy

If you run out of propane during your stay, you may refill the tank and send the receipt to for a refund. If you cannot fill it yourself, don't hesitate to contact the onsite office, and we will do our best to fill the tank in a timely manner.

Charcoal grills are prohibited throughout the community. Community grills are located at the Magnolia House Condominiums for all to use.

Seasonal Beach Service

Seasonal beach service (one umbrella and two chairs) is included with all rental units. This service begins March 15th and ends October 31st  (Dates subject to change). Additional chairs and umbrellas can be purchased through the service vendor located on the beach.  The chairs and umbrella must be left in the location where they are set up for your enjoyment.    

Seasonal Tram Service  

Seasonal tram service is provided by the Destin Pointe Homeowners Association and is not affiliated with the Rental Agent, and we have no responsibility for such service. Hours and operation dates are subject to change at any moment. This service is normally provided from mid-March through October 31st.

Bike Policy

Two adult bikes are provided seasonally with your rental at the Magnolia House Condominium. Four adult bikes are provided year-round with all home rentals. Renter must fill out the La Dolce Vita liability waiver at the following link before the rental start date. It is imperative that you add the address of your rental home to this waiver.

Special Events

Destin Pointe Homeowners Association does not permit any special events (more than four unregistered guests) at the Unit or the beach. Any such activities may result in fines and early termination of the Rental Term. If two or more persons not registered as your guests on your application will remain overnight in your Unit, you must register them and add them to the reservation; provided, however, that the total number of persons overnighting in the Unit cannot exceed its advertised capacity.

Railings/Fence Hanging Policy

Towels, clothing, blankets, flags, etc., are not to be hung from any patio/balcony railing or fences. This is a strictly enforced HOA policy and will result in fines which the Renter agrees to pay upon demand. 

Mail and Package Delivery

The Rental Agent is not responsible for any mail or packages delivered to properties. Please note that when booking a home, homes do not have mailboxes. The community has a mailbox area that can only be accessed with a key. We do not have keys to these mailboxes as they are the homeowner's property.


The homeowner provides Internet/Cable service. We will not give refunds for internet/cable outages/issues. Internet/cable issues are not an emergency, and we will do our best to dispatch our team to help troubleshoot problems during normal business hours. For issues we cannot resolve, we will personally notify the homeowner to call the service provider to remedy; but we are all at the mercy of the internet provider.


Our units are cleaned prior to the beginning of the Rental Term. Daily housekeeping service is not provided. Guests are responsible for keeping the unit clean throughout their stay. Please get in touch with the onsite rental office if an accident occurs that causes damages to the property, such as carpet, mattresses, upholstery, window coverings, etc.; please inform us so we may have the opportunity to clean such items urgently before permeant damage sets in. As professionals in this industry, there is nothing we haven't seen. We understand that we are all human and that things happen. 

If you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of your Rental Unit, you have until 4 pm the day after your check-in date to report any cleanliness issues or you will be deemed to have accepted the cleanliness of the Rental Unit. Cleaning Vendor will be called back to your unit to correct issues. Cleaning vendors will not be called back to the unit after 4 pm the day after your check-in date. No refunds will be offered for cleanliness issues.  

Guests must leave the unit for housekeeping to enter and make corrections. This is a safety policy for our cleaning vendors. Vendors will not start the correction process until all have vacated the unit.

Rentals over 30 days will require 1 mid-stay clean per 30 days at the cost of half of the original cleaning fee agreed upon booking.  Mid-stay cleans will be charged to the credit card on file when booking is made.

Noise Ordinance

Please respect your neighbors. The Destin Pointe Community is a residential neighborhood with full-time residents. It is imperative that you follow all local laws and HOA rules. Excessive noise will not be tolerated. Violations may result in early termination of the Rental Term and forfeiting of rent. Please see detailed community rules for more information.  

Security of Personal Property

Destin Pointe Vacation Rentals is not responsible for Guests' personal property. Please lock your vehicles and make sure all valuables are properly secured. Safes and lockboxes are not provided in units.

Lost and Found

Destin Pointe Vacation Rentals and its contractors are not responsible for any personal belongings left behind by any Guest. We have internal procedures in place when items are found and suggest you call the onsite office if you have left an item behind. The Renter is responsible for the cost of shipping the item(s) back to their appropriate address. 


Destin Pointe Vacation Rentals cannot inform Renters of all construction work in the community. Remember that this is a residential neighborhood, and individual owners within the community may choose to remodel or build a home at any time. No refunds will be given for nearby construction work or remodeling projects. 

Reporting Issues / Damages During your stay

Don't hesitate to contact the onsite rental office if you experience any issues during your stay. Additionally, it is imperative that you report all damages (accidental or not) as soon as possible. Please email with photos of any damage so we can start the claim process immediately.  

Initial Start of Supplies

We provide the initial supplies needed to get you started. (Please see the “What’s Included” page for detailed information). It is the responsibility of the Renter to provide additional amenities throughout the stay. Additionally, we do not offer any spices or cooking ingredients in our homes and condos. This is a sanitary issue as well as a quality assurance issue. All spices and cooking ingredients left behind will be discarded. 

Pool/Spa Heat Policy

 Pool/spa heat is offered seasonally (October – Mid-May) on certain homes. Please see specific home listings to see if pool heat is available. Pools cannot be heated if outdoor temperatures are below 52 degrees or above 80 degrees. Where available, pool heat must be purchased no later than 72 hours before 4 pm on your check-in date. Pool heat is offered for the entire duration of the stay and cannot be purchased nightly. Pools will take roughly 48 hours to heat to the desired temperature fully.  The cost of heating the pool will be specified in your reservation.

Review Policy

Renter grants the Rental Agent reserves the right to withdraw all or a portion of any review posted online if we in our sole discretion believe it unwarranted, lacks sufficient merit, and/or references a financial or legal dispute. Conversely, we reserve the right to post a review if it is determined that the review is warranted and has sufficient merit.

End of Rental Term.   

At the end of the Rental Term, Renter agrees that all Guests will vacate the Rental Unit and surrender its possession to the Rental Agent.  If possession is not timely surrendered, the Renter agrees to pay additional rent at Double the pro-rated daily rent for holding over for each day or part thereof the possession is not surrendered to the Rental Agent.